Beautiful Stress Relief Music

Beautiful Stress Relief Music

Some of my favorite and most effective stress relief music was written by a good friend and colleague of mine, Robert Cox Passow. Of course the connection we have helps how I feel about his music, but the music stands on its own and gets my highest recommendation for general listening and especially for stress relief. He has two albums available, both as MP3 downloads and one also as a CD.

The first one he created is called Sun Through the Clouds. It’s all original music created electronically. He’s an organist, pianist, singer and cellist, but he chose to do his music electronically for the variety of sounds he could create. And that’s one of the best aspects of the music for me.

With stress relief music, you want variety, interest, calming and at times uplifting songs. He creates this beautifully with his compositions. His choice of orchestration really helps convey the mood of the song and therefore influence my mood. I especially like to listen to his music when I work. It keeps me focused and from panicking at all I have to do some days. And as a matter of fact I’m listening to it now while I write this!

On this album you’ll find the title song Sun Through the Clouds, Butterfly Garden, and one of my favorites, Do Bears Dance in the Woods? Isn’t that a great title? Think about that for a few minutes to de-stress!

His second collection of music came out about 3 years later. It’s called Colour My World and contains 12 tracks. This one is different in that he has done arrangements of existing music along with his own compositions. Some of it you will be familiar with like Over the Rainbow and the title song Colour My World. Some of it you may not be so familiar with like Sicut Cervus and Jesu Dulcis Memoria.

Now at this point you may be asking, so where do I get this great music? Click on any of the links in this post and you’ll go to that item’s page on All of these are also available on CD Baby and iTunes.

So when you can, take some time to listen and relax a bit. I hope you like his music as much as I do and I hope we don’t have to wait much longer for his next album of beautiful stress relief music!

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