Stress Relief Music

Stress Relief Music

Listening to the right stress relief music can be an easy, fun and very beneficial way to help you cope. So what constitutes the “right” kind of music? A lot depends on your personal taste and also the goal you want to achieve.

For example if your goal is to relax and get stress relief, then you want something quiet and soothing. New Age music is perfect for this purpose. New Age music is generally defined by the feeling it produces rather than how it is created. Electronic and acoustic instruments, voice and even environmental sounds like waterfalls can be used. It can be a group or solo performers.

What is most important is the feeling you get when listening. This is very individual. Some people listening to the same music may find themselves being soothed while others may become depressed and lethargic. The only way to know is to listen and judge your reaction. Pay attention to your heart rate and breathing. Your thoughts as your mind wanders while listening will also be a good guide. And how do you feel afterwards? Do you feel more relaxed or do those troubling thoughts just start all over?

Another effective type of stress relief music is classical music. This type of music spans many decades of time and covers many different styles. Like New Age, many types of instruments, voice types, groups, and individuals create the music, but it is more defined by the style of the composers. The effects can range from soothing to inspiring and energizing. If you need to energize yourself, a rousing march can be just the answer. String music generally is more relaxing. If you listen to vocal music be careful about the lyrics. Even though it may be hard to understand the words consciously, subconsciously you may be getting messages contrary to your goals.

There are many ways in which you can incorporate music into your day. For example, if you have a long commute in the car, bus, or train, listen to some music to distract your mind from the stress associated with the place that you’re going and the commute itself.

Another option is to wake up to stress relief music that is upbeat yet relaxing, in order to establish a positive, energetic mood for the beginning of the day. Don’t wake up to the news! Take a few moments to listen to music and think about the positive things that will happen in the day ahead before you get up.

Music can also be useful in enhancing your productivity while working. If you put some upbeat music on, like country, blues or a funky hip-hop, the tune will inspire your energy and enthusiasm and lessen the stress associated with the work.

Explore your music interests and use stress relief music as a positive way to relieve stress. Put together some collections of music selections for different purposes. As a by-product, you will no doubt expand your appreciation of all that music can do in your life.

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