Office Stress Relief

Office Stress Relief

Office stress relief is another category of stress we seriously need to consider. In this day and age, it can’t be ignored. Too often we hear on the news of people who come back to their place of business with a gun or end their life because of work related stress.

Where does this extreme form of stress come from? Work related stress is a common condition that often results from the responsibilities of daily work and an inability to cope with the pressure. We are programmed to believe that the more we do, the better we are. We have devices now that keep us “connected” 24/7. We brag about multi-tasking but don’t think about the stress we are building living this way and its effect on our health and lives.

In many instances, the stress comes from the nature of the job itself, such as in the case of stockbrokers or surgeons. These jobs are known to be stressful due to the increased responsibility and liability that these professionals have. Using stress relief techniques in the office is critical to people doing these jobs. Not only for themselves but for their clients/patients.

In other cases, work related stress results from the effects of budget cuts and downsizing. When more work needs to be done by less people, job duties pile up and it becomes hard to keep up. We are more likely to be subject to stress not only from the work load itself but the fear we will be the next one out of a job. Today’s economic pressures on us can’t be denied.

Work-related stress affects us much like general stress does in terms of loss of sleep, withdrawal, fatigue, a feeling of hopelessness, headaches, heart problems, and muscle tension. It also has been known to cause decreased performance of work duties and therefore increases the worry and fear associated with keeping the job. It can become a vicious circle very easily.

Finding relief in the office isn’t easy. It’s about finding a balance between our home life and our work life. Understanding that our job doesn’t define us or our value can help. Organizing our time, making a timetable for projects and establishing milestones that lead to the ultimate objective give us a sense of control and help us track our progress. Plan for enough free time and always make sure to take quiet time to eat, exercise, read and do activities you enjoy. Be sure to keep up with your work responsibilities, but don’t overdo it and forget your home life.

Office stress relief techniques can avoid tragedy. Nothing should get out of hand to the point that ending a life should be considered an option. Take the time today to take care of yourself. You’re worth it!

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