Relaxation Stress Relief

Relaxation Stress Relief

Relaxation stress relief includes simple activities like laughing and having fun. You may think that’s impossible when you’re truly stressed, but it can be a fast way to turn things around if you take the time. Whether you enjoy golf, painting, playing an instrument, or going for a ride in your car, having fun is a surefire way to combat stress and maintain a happy, young attitude. Did you know that laughter is the most powerful stress reliever of them all? It has also been shown to improve your overall health.

Getting a massage is another great way to de-stress. It has been proven that massage, when applied properly by a licensed professional, is associated with a reduction in the symptoms of depression and stress. Massage improves the circulation of muscle tissue, reduces muscular tension, and stimulates sleep. It certainly qualifies as a relaxation stress relief activity because when it’s over you find you’re too relaxed to even move!

Meditation is a popular technique used to reach total relaxation of both the body and mind. Meditation in the long run, especially if practiced regularly, can increase your ability to avoid stress, enhance your awareness, and improve hormonal imbalances caused by stress. Meditation is also known as a means to achieve spirituality and has become prevalent nowadays as an effective way to maintain health and mental clarity.

Yoga is exercise based on the concept of meditation, so it is associated with all the benefits that come with meditation and more. Yoga allows the mind to be at rest while the body quietly does movements that improve flexibility. It is an effective relaxation stress relief technique in that it calms the mind and allows positive, relaxing changes to the body. Your posture, affected by stress-related back problems, is improved and muscle tension is reduced.

Deep breathing is something you can do anywhere you are when you feel the effects of stress building up. Take a deep breath in for a count of four and let it out slowly for the same count of four. Try breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, totally filling your lungs. It has been measured that we only use about 10% of our lung capacity in normal breathing. Totally filling your lungs really feels good. Also when breathing out, imagine the stress leaving your body with your breath.

That brings up the next idea which is visualization. This is a technique that has been used for years by athletes and performers who want to ensure the best result for themselves. They visualize the perfect performance before physically doing the activity. For relaxation stress relief, you want to imagine calm, happy times and surroundings. If you love the beach for example, sitting quietly with your eyes closed imagining your favorite beach and how you feel when you’re there will calm and refresh you. Quietly looking a picture of the beach can have the same effect.

These are just a few relaxation stress relief ideas you can put into practice today. What do you have to lose? How about a lot of stress!

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